Multimedia solutions boost medical training

After qualifying as a medical doctor Wim Van Renterghem saw an opportunity to combine his profession with his passion for multimedia and video technologies to launch mediAVentures, a specialist in transmission of HD and 3D live surgery.

It’s not surprising that the medical sector is a key market for AV. Communication of ideas, methods, rare and unusual cases and expertise is crucial to the success and advancement of this critical field. Anything that can be done to make this communication faster, to provide higher quality images and to promote discussion between wider numbers of medical professionals and students is incredibly important.

But the field is also very specialised. It is a science and the needs, concerns and approaches of the industry may not necessarily be understood by those not practised in the field. It is exactly this fact that has enabled Dr Wim Van Renterghem, a qualified medical doctor who has developed a personal interest in multimedia and film, to carve a very specialised niche in this field.

Dr Van Renterghem founded mediAVentures, a company that specialises in transmission of HD live surgery and provides AV support to medical congresses. To learn more about his work and the future of medical AV read Professional interest in InAVate Active.

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