Mounts and brackets move on up

As large format displays have increased in size and decreased in depth, weight and bezel-size, mounts and brackets to support them individually and in groups have had to adapt.

The large format display market sector has changed radically over the past few years. Screens have become larger, their range of applications wider and layout and installations more visually creative. 

In every demanding installation, the role of the mount is the same: it needs to provide quick, safe and secure installation, permit simple and accurate alignment of screens and allow easy access to every display element for potential maintenance at any stage after installation. 

New mechanisms have been introduced to aid the installer and make sure that the overall display looks perfect in location.  "Although it should not be the case, mounts are often left to the last minute, when they should be considered at an early stage as part of the installation," says Gordon Dutch, managing director of Peerless-AV, Europe.

"Our job is to provide a solution that aids the installer in every way: by providing a mounting frame that is quick and easy to fix, simple to load with screens and rapidly align them.  A major requirement is to allow simple access to all screens, whether on the edge or mid-display to facilitate replacement in case of failure, using quick-release pop-out mechanisms to release the screen without damaging it.  In addition it needs to incorporate efficient cable management and be finished in a high quality and durable surface coating."

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