MGM Resorts uses VR to stop employee churn

MGM Resorts will be using VR headsets from Strivr at employment centres from January to give job seekers a feel for jobs at the company before they commit.

"It can be very difficult just to verbally explain the types of positions or show a video," Laura Lee, MGM Resorts' chief HR officer, told Business Insider. By using VR, applicants can "throw a headset on and really experience the job," she added.

The portfolio of MGM Resorts includes such casinos as the Bellagio and MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The use of VR is to give a realistic picture of what the job actually entails. Lee said that, in the past, MGM Resorts had used day-in-the-life videos and talks with current employees to give applicants an insight into roles.

To prepare potential new employees for scenarios including upset or rude customers, Lee said MGM Resorts' VR module would include "difficult guest interactions." 

Lee said she "absolutely" expected that some candidates, after trying out a role using VR, would decide it wasn't right for them. "Sometimes candidates accept jobs without realising how difficult they may be."

MGM Resorts had used the technology at recent casino openings, in the hope of overcoming staff turnover it had recently experienced when staff had found out the positions "were not what they thought it would be."



pic credit: MGM Resorts


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