Marjolein Koens-Schaddelee joins AVEX management team

Marjolein Koens-Schaddelee has joined the management team at Netherlands-based integrators AVEX. In her new role, she is responsible for the operational and commercial activities at event facilities.

This division within AVEX provided temporary AV systems for live and virtual events.

AVEX's event facilities has grown strongly in the past 4 years due to a strong focus on the Dutch and international market. The growth is mainly due to the number of large-scale events up to the beginning of the corona period and in the past year mainly the hybrid events and the live stream broadcasts on site and from our own studios.

Marjolein is the daughter of René Schaddelee, the CEO of the company . She has worked at AVEX since 2016 in various disciplines and roles, gaining experience in the event and hospitality market.

In addition to facilitating event facilities, AVEX has also built 3 livestream studios in the past year, to meet the demand from the market.

Starting as a pop-up studio, which eventually became permanent, a Talk Show Studio and a Virtual Studio are located in the AVEX Studios in Utrecht.

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