Luminescent fibres have been woven into digital displays

It could be possible to read map directions off the back of your sleeve after details of a fabric display were publicised by a team from Fudan University in China.

Researchers demonstrated how luminescent fibres can be woven into displays in findings published in the journal Nature.

The Fudan University team that spearheaded the project said the textile they created was flexible breathable and durable.

Led by Huisheng Peng, a professor in the Department of Macromolecular Engineering, the scientists produced a 6m x 25cm display fabric and showed how it could be integrated with a touch-sensitive fabric keyboard and fabric solar power supply.

They also demonstrated the remarkable resilience of the wearable fabric that remained stable after enduring 1,000 cycles of bending, stretching and pressing, as well as 100 cycles of washing and dying.

Luminescent fibres have been woven into digital displays

Researchers tipped the discovery for use in electronic communication and use in applications where a smart phone is paired to a garment to deliver messages, information or navigation tools.

Via Fudan University
Pic credit: Fudan University. Bottom image shows Fudan University logo appearing on a shirt.

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