Lightware takes a proactive approach

The major challenge in AV and control signal distribution is to stay ahead of the curve and juggle a seemingly ever-growing number of standards and formats. Lightware's owner and head of R&D Gergely Vida tells Anna Mitchell that meeting those challenges is what keeps the job exciting.

Content delivery is the next area where consumer products are likely to impact on the AV market, according to Gergely Vida, managing director of Lightware, a manufacturer of matrix switching products for the AV industry.

“We’ve seen it in the control or touch panel industry,” he begins. “Consumer products started to overtake professional control panels and the vendors had to adapt to capacitive touch and handheld devices.

“I expect the same in content delivery. Because of tablets and smart phones we hold AV content in our hands every day and it is HD standard with quality audio. These WiFi enabled devices have a huge impact on our industry.”

Vida largely views consumer trends pushing proAV developments as a positive for the industry. “Users demand more, they relate to technologies available today and it pushes manufacturers toward new challenges and generates business,” he notes.

However, he warns that “a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. Users can start to feel that they don’t need integrators or specialists because they have knowledge. In reality they still need the support for complex projects.”

Vida goes on to explain how Lightware is supporting customers and end users adapt to these trends and the challenge of building a company while retaining the flexibility that contributed to its success.

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