LG to unveil futuristic OLED concepts at CES 2022

LG will display an array of concepts at the CES 2022 show, highlighting transparent OLED retail concepts and curved OLED for virtual content.

The transparent OLED retail concept, called the show window, is designed for external usage and will be demonstrated with four 55-in transparent OLEDs arranged 2x2 in a square shape, highlighting a new advertisement every day in front of a store’s product.

For internal usage, LG will demonstrate its shopping management showcase, combining a transparent OLED display with a wooden stand to allow products to be displayed behind the screen.

Flexible OLEDs 

LG will also place emphasis on its flexible OLEDs to wrap content around users. Two standout setups will be showcased, including the virtual ride.

The virtual ride is an indoor stationary bicycle with three vertical 55-in OLEDs in front and above the bike, creating a large, curved display in an r-shape to provide an immersive view ahead and above the user when on the bike. The display used for the ‘ceiling’ also has a curvature radius that reaches a radius of 500mm.

LG will also display its media chair, a relaxation device which uses a 55-in OLED TV display with a recliner and curvature radius of 1,500R. The chair featuring a pivot function to allow the screen to rotate between vertical and horizontal orientations by touching a button on the display of the chair’s armrest, allowing users to customise their viewing experience.

The OLED display features self-emitting pixels to eliminate the need for a separate backlight, providing display options in various form factors such as bendable, foldable and rollable.

CES 2022 will run from 5th-8th January at the Las Vegas Convention Centre in Las Vegas, USA.

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