LED poised for public display takeover

Installations of large LED displays are on the rise as they appear throughout a wider range of business and personal sectors. Steve Montgomery explores why the technology is finding a place in an increasingly diverse range of applications and roles.

Changes in construction technologies and the recent entry of new manufacturers from the lower-cost, highly competitive regions of the world have brought about shifts in the ways that LED displays are procured, used and operated.

One of the greatest driving factors in this market is the readiness of potential users - advertisers, architects, entertainment facility owners and consultants - to incorporate large LED screens into their operations. This trend is coupled with a relaxation in planning laws in some areas and a willingness to accept screens in locations that would, at one time, have been seen as too controversial or dangerous, such as advertising displays on roadsides.

This has been greatly helped by three factors: the availability of a wide selection of smaller pixel pitch displays, mesh style construction and the ability to build screens in any size and shape.

Coupled with the reduction in costs that have been observed over the past few years the demand for higher resolution displays, larger formats and irregular sizes has grown enormously.

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