Key Digital launches Key Digital Africa

Key Digital, a developer and manufacturer of video processing and video signal distribution products, has announced the creation of Key Digital Africa, a partnership dedicated to the distribution of Key Digital products across the continent.

The announcement was made by Dwayne Husbands, Key Digital vice president of global distribution sales, and follows the successful model of Key Digital Europe, representing the brand’s ongoing initiative to extend awareness and availability of Key Digital products on a global scale.

The partnership grew out of Key Digital’s relationship with Magfre Enterprises, a Kenyan AV integrator and distributor. Magfre has been selling and installing Key Digital products in Kenya. Magfre, formed in 1988, also has a division that performs printing and branding services.



Pictured L-R Key Digital Africa’s technical team – pre-sale & technical manager Alfred Akelo and pre-sale & security division manager David Wachira

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