Job satisfaction: bespoke integration in the heritage market

Gavin Olivier specialises in AV consultancy for visitor attraction and heritage projects. Anna Mitchell learns about the content behind the technology and why Olivier turned his back on more lucrative corporate projects.

In 2004 Gavin Olivier sold his shares in Electrosonic South Africa and embarked on a career as an independent consultant. He had been with the firm for 13 years and, prior to that, had worked in telecommunications and the live event industry. He now runs consultancy firm Digital Fabric from his Johannesburg, South Africa office.

“We mostly stay away from the corporate AV market,” he notes. “We have found a very nice corner in heritage and bespoke integration. It’s no way to get rich but it offers huge rewards and job satisfaction.”

In this article Olivier explains how technology can bring exhibitions to life and notes some pitfalls that exhibition developers can fall in to when using technology for technology’s sake. He also talks about the research behind the projects and why he finds his job hugely rewarding.

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