Inavation Awards 2021: Start time, how to watch online and what to expect

Global industry event the Inavation Awards is almost upon us and is open to all with an online broadcast on June 22 at 2pm BST/3pm CET.

Hosted by Inavate EMEA’s Paul Milligan and Reece Webb, this year’s Inavation Awards will highlight exceptional projects, standout products and the best businesses the AV industry has to offer.

You can register here to get hold of your link to join us for this special event.

Covid has changed a lot including this year's awards; our planned February event was moved to June, postponed nearly a month and finally migrated to a fully online presentation. But it hasn't stopped us celebrating the companies and people that have made extraordinary contributions to the industry, and racked up incredible achievements.

The pandemic has also changed the projects delivered, the products launched and the actions of every one of our 2021 finalists. They’ve acted creatively and innovatively to deliver projects against the odds as well as supply the market with technologies that have helped people keep working, learning and delivering essential services. They’ve been robust in the face of unprecedented challenges and they’ve acted with compassion at every turn to support their staff and customers.

We hope you’ll be joining us to celebrate the achievements of each and every finalist, as well as discover winners across all categories.

In a format suited to online presentation, we’ll keep the action fast paced, engaging and easy to access and watch on any device. In under an hour we’ll reveal winners across all categories and will follow up the event with a special edition of Inavate devoted to our finalists and winners. To get your hands on a copy register now.

Inavation Awards 2021: Start time, how to watch online and what to expect

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