Impact of Euro 2012 on Polish AV

The years leading up to any major championship bolster the building sector and provide plenty of opportunity to related businesses. Poland was no exception as it prepared for the recently held European Football Championships. Anna Mitchell hears from one of Poland's leading integrators on opportunities after the event.

Ukraine and Poland recently became the focus of the sporting world’s attention when the countries co-hosted the 2012 UEFA European Football Championships. Matches were played in four stadiums in Poland, each one opened or overhauled and reopened in the last two years.

The stadiums - and supporting infrastructure including airports, train stations and hotels - have had a massive impact on the country’s building and technology industries. But what happens when the crowds depart? Can the country continue to support the inflated infrastructure.

Trias SA, a leading Polish integrator, equipped two of the four stadiums built for Euro 2012. Read the full article in InAVate Active to learn more about the Polish AV market from Zbigniew Klonowski, president of the board at Trias.

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