Home workers can work virtually anywhere with this new invention

A Nottingham University student has harnessed virtual reality technology to help home workers feel connected to office environments by simulating the workplace.

Jom Primkaew called his invention, shown as part of an exhibition by Product Design and Manufacture students at the UK university, the Virtual Interface Office Simulator.

He considered the comfort of long-term use, as well as a wide range of heights of user, when designing the head-mounted display.

The system is powered by a personal computer and housed in a self-contained, compact pod. Cable storage and USB hub are integrated into the table, while side storage accommodates additional accessories.

Primkaew says the set up could cost less than £300 (€350) to make and could place users in any environment; if they didn’t want to simulate an office environment they could head to a desert island, the moon or anywhere they wanted.

Via: Nottingham University

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