GUEST COLUMN: Chris Power, AV Cultural Forum, on the relevance of AV technicians and technology in museums

I once remarked to the director of the British Museum, that along with art galleries, museums were ‘hospitals for the mind’. An oasis for curiosity, learning and inner peace no matter your age. I still hold that view.

On occasion, I would wander down to London’s borough of Kensington, to the V&A, the National Gallery to contemplate Turner for a period or the exhibitions at the Royal Academy. It was delightful.Sadly, these cultural arenas have become victim, like so much else, to Covid-19 restrictions. But work continues behind the scenes.Technicians and their colleagues are constantly honing the use of AV and all it has to offer. From the Science Museum in Kensington, Tate, National Gallery and the Royal Academy to Think Tank in Birmingham and beyond. The use of AV in these environments has become highly impactful. With the advent of high resolution screens, projectors, LED walls and virtual environments driven by gaming software like unreal engine.To take the British Museum as an example, for some time I was the head of AV at this iconic Bloomsbury landmark, it wasa venue that, at first, used technology sparingly in exhibitions. Was its inclusion fit for purpose, could it add something? T

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