Google's Project Starline creates 'magic window' immersive video meetings

Google has released details of its Project Starline project, which aims to create what it is calling a 'magic window' to make video calls more lifelike.


In a blog on Google's tech page it says; "Imagine looking through a sort of magic window, and through that window, you see another person, life-size and in three dimensions. You can talk naturally, gesture and make eye contact.

"To make this experience possible, we are applying research in computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio and real-time compression. We've also developed a breakthrough light field display system that creates a sense of volume and depth that can be experienced without the need for additional glasses or headsets.

"The effect is the feeling of a person sitting just across from you, like they are right there."

Details on the exact technology being used are light on the ground so far. We do know that Project Starline is currently being tested in just a few of Google's offices in the US at the moment and has been created using custom-built hardware.

Google has also been conducting demos with select clients in healthcare and media to get early feedback on the technology and its applications. It is planning trial deployments with enterprise partners later this year.

(pic: Google)

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