Review of Google Chromebox for Meetings

Reviewed by Alice Binney, internal sales executive at Pioneer Group

Where have you used this product?

Since  adding  Chromebox  for  Meetings  (CfM) to  our  remit  earlier  this  year  we’ve  completed many installations. Most of our clients use CfM in office to office meeting rooms to save travel costs. For most of our clients the main reason they choose the solution is business efficiency. A  mobile  equipment  hire  company  found  it the  easiest  option  for  connecting  its  remote workforce for example, and one of the charities we work with found it a cost-effective way to conduct business. We’ve even had one company connect multiple offices in the UK and in the US just by swapping the power cables.

We  also  use  the  product  at  Pioneer  Group to  connect  our  two  UK  offices.  We’ve found  it makes the  biggest  difference  for  quick  instant communications  or  short  brainstorms  that wouldn’t warrant a full meeting with travel.

Why did you choose it?

We chose CfM because it is completely intuitive. We’ve found users don’t need any training to understand how to make it work. Set up takes around  15  minutes  to  get  from  the  boxed product to a professional meeting room, and you only need a license and an internet connection to  get  started.  It’s significantly cheaper than other videoconferencing systems too.

Overall,  it  can  really  make  a  change  to  how businesses  communicate,  especially in small  to medium multi-site companies that haven’t been able to invest in video before.

We’ve also been able to provide great support packages with CfM. Because of our partnership with Google we are able to manage everything from engineer call outs to phone calls in house.

What do you like about it?

The reliability of the product is great. Crucially, it simplifies the user experience to make video conferencing an accessible resource.  In our business, it has improved how our offices communicate on a day to day basis and helped our team feel more connected.

CfM  is  also  integrated  into  the  wider  universe  of  Google applications which are already widely used in business.

The fact that there are different sizes available also offers flexibility to our clients. The smaller Chromebox  for  Meetings  kit  caters  for  6-8 person  meeting  rooms  with  a  camera,  speaker, microphone and keypad remote, but there is also a larger setup for rooms of 8-15 people with two speakers and microphones, a better camera from Logitech with pan and tilt technology and the remote.

What would you change?

I’m looking forward to the integration of more robust controls on top of the remote system. Changes  planned  for  release  this  year,  such as a 10-in touch screen for navigation (which can integrate into calendars and room booking systems)  will  make  it  more  effective  in  the corporate environment.

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