Geobox adds UK/Ireland distributor

VNS Inc has announced the appointment of Swedx UK as distributor of the GeoBox brand throughout the UK and Ireland.

GeoBox from VNS provides a range of hardware display controllers for projection edge blending, warping, stacking and creative video wall control.

“Swedx UK is a value-adding distributor with an excellent support department and very knowledgeable team,” said Virginia Cheng, director of MatrixWorks, European distributor for GeoBox. “The company is much more than just a traditional ‘box-shifter’, and its experienced and knowledgeable team fully understand the value our GeoBox solutions bring to end users. With an extensive track-record of representing premium brands, without a doubt they are the ideal choice to officially introduce our brand into the region.”

Cheng added that previously VNS and MatrixWork were only able to function reactively, responding to customer inquiries instead of actively promoting GeoBox solutions into the UK and Ireland markets.

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