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An audio consultant but not as we know it; Roland Hemming offers the industry independent advice and asks it some tough questions. Anna Mitchell catches up with him after he won the 2013 InAVation Award for his work at the London Olympics.

In January of this year Roland Hemming was on a stage at the Amsterdam Convention Factory, collecting an award for his work at the 2012 London Olympics. InAVation Award judges had bestowed Hemming’s firm RH Consulting, with the Most InAVative Consultant or Project Manager of the Year.

Hemming would actually argue that his role at the Olympics was neither project manager nor consultant. “It’s programme management,” he says. “I was the intelligent end user. My role spanned multiple projects.”

It’s important for Hemming to clearly define roles and titles. He says it is often hard to convey what he does when he describes himself as an audio consultant. “Audio consultant usually means designer,” he explains. “[RH Consulting] does some design but it’s normally a function of other work we’re carrying out for a client. In the broader sense of the word our job is business development.” 

Hemming’s career spans 25 years in the audio industry, a sector he’s clearly passionate about. However, he has his criticisms and complaints. To hear more from Hemming read the article in full in InAVate Active. Claim your free subscription here.

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