Facial recognition firm could face £17 million fine over UK data ‘breach’

Australian facial recognition company, ClearviewAI, could face a £17 million fine after allegations of mishandling personal data in the UK.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ordered ClearviewAI to stop processing UK personal data and to delete any UK data that the company possesses. The decision was made after the ICO highlighted concerns over the company, alleging that the company could have harvested the facial recognition data of UK citizens without permission.

ClearviewAI’s facial recognition software has been previously trialled by UK law enforcement agencies, with the company already been found to have broken Australian privacy law, a ruling that the ClearviewAI is seeking to have reviewed.

ClearviewAI is considering an appeal and “further action”.

Pictured: UK police surrounding a facial recognition van during a protest in London. Photo credit: Edward Crawford, Shutterstock 

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