Eyevis Netpix 3800XE Videowall Controller reviewed

The Netpix controllers provide seamless connection and control between multiple external sources for control room or large display applications. The 3800XE is a high end model for intensive processing applications, multiple, real time application performance and genlocking.

What do you use the Netpix for?
We use it to integrate PC-sources, videosources, streaming sources and network sources on a videowall. It is simple and intuitive to setup and use together with the supplied EYECon software.

What do you like about it?
The Netpix series of controllers are very flexible in their setup and there are different flavours for every need. I think that versatility and flexibility are very important and in Netpix you have both. The Netpix infrastructure helps you grow with your needs and that is important for those who want to spend their money wisely. I thought first that this is just another controller but I got surprised very soon when I saw the flexibility, the speed of the controller and how well everything is setup in the controller. The installation of the cards is very clean and professional and the ventilation of the chassis is good so I expect a long lifetime for this controller. I am also surprised in how many sources and outputs you can put in to this system it is really amazing that they can fit it in to one chassis.
Redundancy was important for us along with raid, dual network cards and a redundant power supply. Eyevis supply the best controlling software to take care of sources and outputs. The EYECon software is really great to work with. There is one easy interface to all sources and layouts. Easy handling is provided by simple drag and drop functionality and if you are unsure if you are putting the right source on the wall you can always preview the source before putting it on the wall.

What would you change?
A possible new feature would be to have an expansion chassi for future expansion of inputs and outputs but apart from that nothing really, it really does what it says in the product sheet.
In Use
Well the set-up is a breeze and the flexibility of the hardware and software makes me want to integrate it in to more places.
It is a perfect companion for a videowall, powerwall, designwall or any type of collaboration room that you might think of, I don’t really see any difficulties using this product again and again and again.

There are a lot of accessories both in hardware and software to the controller that you can set-up to accommodate every need of above solutions in a very swift and elegant way.

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