Eyevis EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 reviewed

The EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 is an LCD monitor that is designed for unlimited videowall applications. Eyevis says its product enables video walls to have a gap from screen-to-screen of 7.3 mm.

What do you use EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 for?
The EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 is a really nice LCD especially for videowall applications of all sorts, let this be a multimedia/presentation application or a big control room application. It's easy, diverse and accurate mounting and stacking concept makes it perfect also for rental purposes.

What do you like about it?
The best feature we like about EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 is its really slim bezel, the screen-to-screen distance is less then 1cm (7.3 mm) which makes this LCD our first choice for videowall applications. Internal matrix splitter, that comes integrated with each EYE –LCD-4600-SN-V2 also comes in handy when we need to display one source throughout the videowall. This source could be a Laptop, DVD player, camera or whatever DVI or composite signal. EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 gets your source scaled up and videowall running with no extra hardware. It can be mounted to a wall or on the self-supporting legs. The EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 can be put in various positions; portrait, landscape, hanging or flying.

In combination with eyevis NPX controller series the EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 is suitable for control room applications. This LCD is an alternative to DLP cubes with its really slim bezel, and eyevis ventilation design and integrated functions like screen saver, which makes it practical for near continuous operation. It comes in handy when the control room does not have enough space to put in the DLP cubes. It also boasts many additional integrated features such as digital loop through, internal scaler and split-controller and mounting frames.

What would you change?
One thing that we missed in the beginning with EYE-LCD-4600-SN was a small memory size that LCD had, and there were some problems while playing video, but eyevis fixed that with version two of the display, and now movies play seamlessly. For now there is a standard halogen lamp lighting the LCD, so we are looking forward to a LED version of this display, which would make this LCD even more interesting and power efficient.

In use?
We used the EYE-LCD-4600-SN-V2 in several applications; starting with Digital Signage where its bezels gave some additional modern design and feel to the application, to the control rooms where it is been used for continuous operation and also in TV studios.

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