Exclusive interview with MPEG co-founder and chair

MPEG standards continue to have a huge impact on a multitude of AV technology developments. Anna Mitchell catches up with the MPEG's co-founder and current chair, Leonardo Chiariglione.

“My aim in founding the group was rather simple,” explains Leonardo Chiariglione. “I wanted to create something better than the experience our forefathers had created for us, particularly in terms of television.

“That’s why you see big players in the marketplace working together. They know that in the next three years they will need a standard that achieves certain objectives. Companies work together for the benefit of all and if MPEG had not been developed I think we would have a very different digital media world.”

Chirariglione was deliberate in his efforts to make the group’s achievements different to anything that had been attempted before, have a global reach and enable dialogue without technical impediment.

“We faced serious challenges,” he notes. “First we had to create the group. It’s very nice to say digital transmission will take over but in practice that’s a little harder. You have to create a convincing, serious business proposition. Then you need to get the major players on board.”

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