Dr Joseph Kramer shares his opinions on digital video

Dr Joseph Kramer reflects on changes in the video market place, the cruel mistress that is digital technology, the bright promise of network video and the fitting situation in which analogue video is neither on nor off.

Dr Joseph Kramer, or Yossi as he prefers to be called, has probably forgotten more about video than many people in our industry will ever know. He’s also refreshingly honest about the reality of the industry we work in. Anyone serious about video technology should pay close attention to his opinions, even if they disagree with what he has to say.
Last time he spoke to InAVate in 2007, we were on the cusp of the digital revolution in video, so Chris Fitzsimmons first asked him if seven years later digital technology had genuinely made life easier for the systems integrator.
Learn his answer to that question, and read Dr Kramer's opinions on other aspects of video technology by reading the full interview in the May edition of InAVate’s ActiveMagazine.

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