disguise acquires Mapping Matter and Previz to boost remote collab and 3D content creation

disguise has announced its acquisition of Mapping Matter and Previz, paving the way for remote collaboration and cloud-based 3D content previsualisation, made available through the disguise platform.

Driven by the accelerated demand for remote collaboration and cloud-based systems for creatives and technical teams to share their vision and progress with project owners.

These latest acquisitions mark the next step in the company’s growth, after investments from the Carlyle Group and a minority stake from Epic Games, which were announced earlier this year.

Both Mapping Matter and Previz share a reputation for delivering interactive cloud-based systems for designers anywhere in the world. By integrating both platforms into disguise, it will enable users across all three platforms to come together, develop and manage their projects in one unified and comprehensive workflow. Users will be able to collaborate: importing, previewing and making creative decisions on the final output together, while sharing their work with clients and peers around the world.

In the following months, disguise, Mapping Matter and Previz are bound by their joint vision to empower cloud-based, remote collaboration amongst creative and technical teams. They will be working closely together to develop a joint user journey that gives value to their respective customers. Ongoing development will provide access to workflows with content engines such as Unreal Engine, which will collectively enable design, sequencing, calibrations and validation, with a pipeline of new functionalities set to be released.

A web-based tool for technical design, Mapping Matter plays an important part in the simulation and photometric analysis of AV installation projects. Released in 2016 to make the process of creating video projection technical designs more fluid, the platform has since been trusted by live design teams working for the likes of Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory and Creative Technology. 


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