Digital signage gets smart

Advertisers clamouring to get their message heard above the digital din of signage we're faced with every day are tapping some sophisticated technologies. Steve Montgomery reports.

There are two significant factors that greatly affect the way we view and absorb advertising and information from digital signage and DOOH screens.

Firstly, with the proliferation of personalisation and interaction on computers and smart devices, we expect material displayed on screens to be relevant to us. Secondly, there are so many screens facing us, everywhere we go, that we tend to ignore many of them, likening their content to the junk email that fills our inboxes and is discarded without being read.

“In order to be noticed, screens must be more appropriate to us, to make our lives more interesting or simpler, and incorporate some level of personalisation,” says Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, COO of Quividi.

Systems are being deployed now that respond to local conditions, either from local sensors that detect factors like weather conditions or traffic flow or are linked to internal or external databases. Benadryl promoted their anti-histamine drugs by alerting hayfever sufferers when the pollen count in the area around a screen was high using official Met Office readings. Amscreen operates a network of displays in garages with content that is only shown when the external temperature on the individual forecourt falls below 5oC.

Linking media playout systems to travel information databases means that it is possible to schedule advertising and information that is related to type of traveller or the destination. Information gleaned about incoming flights allows content to follow arrivals as they pass through the baggage halls and out of the airport. Even, as has been done, on roadside billboards as they continue to travel to city centres.

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