Digital Projection MLS system empowers immersive research centre

The Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch (HIVE) at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, is an advanced visualisation facility, containing five large-scale visualisation displays, working with VR, AR, data and scientific visualisation, photogrammetric 3D reconstruction and volumetric imaging.

To meet the needs of this research space, the university turned to Digital Projection to form a projection system, upgrading its HIVE Cylinder display to native 4K projectors to meet the HIVE’s requirements. 
The project’s consultant, InDesign Technologies, decided to install Digital Projection’s Satellite MLS projection system, providing full 4K with 120Hz compatibility. 
The display facilities at the HIVE, located in a 15m × 15m former gallery space, comprise the Dome display, a 4m-diameter half-dome which fills a user’s primary and peripheral field of view; the Cylinder display, a wrap-around 3D display providing a VR experience for up to 50 users; the Wedge display, a pair of 3.8m diagonal 3D displays used mainly for scientific visualisation; the Tiled display, which with 24MP resolution is used for super high-resolution visuals; and the Hologram Table, which provides two users with 3D visuals that project out of its tabletop display surface. The upgrade project focused on the Dome and the Cylinder displays.

Selected for the project while still in development, the Satellite Modular three Laser System (MLS) were installed in the cylinder display, with an additional system deployed in the HIVE’s Dome display. 

InDesign used the MLS’ modular nature to allow up to 100m separation between the projection head and light source, hanging the satellite projector heads at the display sites while locating the light sources approximately 15m away in a server room. 
 Scott Wrightson, project manager, Vizcom Technologies, explained: “There was a requirement for the projectors to make as little noise impact to the space as possible. 

“This made the Digital Projection Satellite MLS systems invaluable. By having the main laser processor housed in the central comms room it made the operating noise level of the projection heads very low, which in turn suited this project perfectly.”

For more information, read the exclusive Inavate case study here. 

Photo credit: Frances Andrijich Photographer

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