Developing a home grown integration industry in North Africa

Developing nations in Africa are attracting the interest of multinational companies and global investment. Anna Mitchell talks to a Moroccan based distributor who has spotted the opportunity in North Africa and is keen to support and help grow a home grown AV industry.

Morocco is Europe’s gateway to Africa and with many of its neighbours in the north of the continent experiencing ongoing turmoil the label is increasingly not just about geography.

Stéphane Bégué, founder and co-manager of Domeosys – now acting as Crestron distributor for North Africa under the name Crestron Maroc – believes there is huge untapped opportunity in the country.

Bégué ran an integration company in France before setting up in Rabat, Morocco after carrying out a large project in the country in 2010.

He believes that the Moroccan company will put him in a good position to work in Algeria, Tunisia and Libya – where Domeosys also has a Crestron distribution deal.

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