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CS-Series: Built for the networked future

AUTHOR: Inavate
Adamson group

Adamson Systems Engineering’s CS-Series brings the legendary performance of Adamson’s loudspeakers into the networked future of professional audio with on board amplification and DSP, plus Milan-ready AVB connectivity.

Scalable to meet the needs of complex installations, with the networking capability demanded by advanced AV systems topologies, CS-Series offers easy, reliable, and future-proof network integration.

“CS-Series is the product of years of engineering and innovation,” begins Brian Fraser, Head of Product and Technology. “The CS-Series offers networked audio with optimization, control and monitoring of each individual cabinet to maximize performance. We’ve spent the time and resources to design a sophisticated solution that’s user-friendly and reliable, and that delivers remarkable performance and musicality.”

The new CS-Series loudspeaker offerings include:

•CS7 ultra-compact line array. Boasting versatile, outsized performance; ready to supplement large-scale deployments or easily anchor powerful systems of its own.

•CS7p ultra-compact point-source cabinet. Maximum performance with a minimal footprint for stand-alone systems, festival and arena fills, and everything in between.

Adamson point source
•CS10 sub-compact array enclosure. Proven impact for packed arenas and major festivals and right at home in permanent installs with its pristine output and sleek, unobtrusive enclosure.

•CS10n narrow-dispersion array element. For sophisticated designs in installed or mobile deployments.

•CS10p sub-compact point-source enclosure. Ready to augment larger systems, daisy-chain between multiple sources, or stand alone as a powerful mobile system.

•CS118 subwoofer. Compact, punchy& versatile enough to augment low-end impact in virtually any application.

•CS119 sub-compact, front-loaded subwoofer. The perfect companion to sub-compact enclosures in the air and on the ground, in permanent installs or mobile productions.

Adamson subs

All-new Control Suite software enhances your ability to design, deploy, control, and monitor systems in mobile and installed environments with an easy-to-navigate user interface that moves logically from design and simulation through to optimization, patch, control, metering, and diagnostics. CS-Series also includes four rack-mounted systems designed to enable the highest level of system performance.

• CS Gateway – the AVB on-ramp into the CS-Series ecosystem is a 16x16 matrix with 16 channels of user accessible DSP, containing dual-LAN, Milan-ready AVB, AES/EBU, and analog connections.

•CS Bridge – allows users to seamlessly integrate the CS-Series into their existing inventories by converting dual-LAN, Milan-ready AVB signal to AES/EBU, while also offering six channels of DSP per unit.

•CS Network Distribution System (NDS) – a network and analog patch bay that allows users to send redundant audio and control to CS loudspeakers on a single network cable.

•CS Power Distribution System (PDS) – ensures that all CS-Series systems receive ample power, regardless of region, and also allows the user to monitor consumption data, both per power output as well as overall draw.