Content creation for fulldome projection

Fulldome video artist Ralph Heinsohn talks to Anna Mitchell about his influences, projects and the technologies and possibilities that are getting him excited.

Advances in technology have extended the applications of fulldome projection environments. In entertainment applications, what was once the preserve of planetariums, has become open to corporations, public bodies, theme parks and education establishments. It also means planetariums are changing. Seeking to attract wider audiences and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world, these immersive theatres are no longer content with showing reproductions of the night sky to spectators.

The changing technology and objectives place entirely different demands on content production and a small but growing industry of creative talent is springing up to meet this demand and take advantage of a huge, immersive and powerful canvas.

Ralph Heinsohn is one of only a handful of independent fulldome artists or producers in the world and works on artistic projects he sells to planetariums and other environments as well as commissions for a wide range of applications.

He recently spoke to InAVate about his work and influences and you can read the full article in the InAVate online edition now.

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