Contactless tech breakthrough creates ‘hybrid’ touch experience

Singaporean creative agency, Stuck, has developed a new kind of contactless interface that uses the human finger to ‘push’ buttons from a distance.

The device, called the Kinetic Touchless, works by providing tactile feedback that mirrors input motion without direct contact, using motion as feedback.

For the application of lift buttons, the device mirrors a finger’s movements to recreate the tactile response of a button being pushed, with the button responding by ‘sinking’ inwards before pushing back out, mimicking the action of a real world contact.

In a statement, Stuck said: Covid-19 has made us question every surface we touch. This hyper-awareness of contaminated public surfaces created a growing preference for more touchless interactions to reduce the probability of infection. Yet, most touchless tech tends towards a static sensor with a light or buzz to indicate an activated button, greatly diminishing the push button interaction."

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