Consultant champions education in Poland

Polish AV consultant Gregorz Augustyn is a strong advocate of education and discussion to push the AV industry forward. He talks to Anna Mitchell about new events and university courses changing the face of the market in Poland.

Grezgorz Augustyn is a busy man. In between consultancy work on a wide range of AV projects he is finding time to push education in Poland and facilitate and participate in conferences on smart buildings and multimedia management.

As an independent consultant in the Polish market for 15 years, Augustyn has seen and been a key part of many changes in technologies and business approaches. However, he says he still sees himself “at the beginning of the road”. It is probably this sentiment above others that compels him to keep pushing forward in an industry he knows so well.

When it comes to consultancy he has some big projects under his belt including ARLAMOW, one of the largest resort, congress and sports centres in Poland, as well as the Sport Dome Arena in Krakow and a number of universities and public buildings.

“I am also very committed to creating events for the industry,” Augustyn adds. “Last year it was the Intelligent Building Technologies and Multimedia Management (IBTMM) conference and congress.”

Besides creating a focal point for the portions of the industry concentrated on these topics, the close of this event gave Augustyn a chance to work with Polish event company Wizja and content creator Piotr Szablinski from Razorlight to stage a stunning showcase of AV technology. [Video above]

“We staged the biggest underground mapping show in the Wieliczka Salt Mine,” he explains. “This was an unprecedented event with nine months of preparation for an irregular shaped chamber that was 37m high.

“The chamber had housed a 360° dome projection screen illuminated by 10 20,000 Lumen projectors to created a display that told the story of salt. We prepared a 3D detailed model of the chamber and mapped every part of it. Music was created to match the content.

“After 9 months' work, 135m underground and using state of the art projection mapping technologies, we had created something that could only be shown in this one special place.”

Learn more about Gregorz’s work including the creation of a multimedia lab and education course at AGH University in the full interview published in InAVate.

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