Conferencing systems open up

Televic's Bart Deschodt tells Anna Mitchell that conferencing is no longer in the hands of a few audio specialists as it works to accommodate and take advantage of AV/IT convergence, a rise in videoconferencing and the much hyped 'BYOD' trend.

“The merging of AV and data on multimedia platforms will change conferencing systems,” opens Bart Deschodt, general manager of Televic Conference. 

Congress technologies exist firmly in the audio space but, when it comes to installation, conferencing systems have for many years operated almost independently of other installed AV assets and largely removed from IT networks. 

Now, according to Deschodt, that’s changing.

“The lines between conferencing systems, collaborative tools, delegate interactivity and document access and distribution as well as video streaming and videoconferencing are blurring,” he argues.

“This will have an impact on both the architecture of the systems and the competencies that integrators need to have to install conference systems in the future,” he predicts. “By default this will also change the way customers use these technologies and other players will get involved in the sector.”

Deschodt discusses the impact of AV/IT convergence, network security considerations and a trend toward wireless technologies in the conferencing space in the full article in InAVate Active.

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