Collaboration solutions for demanding situations

Fresh from implementing an integrated collaborative solution for AVIVA, Ismayeel Syed is spreading the word, and his ideas, about truly connected workplaces and finding receptive listeners across the globe. Anna Mitchell reports.

Syed is a co-owner of consultant Disruptive Vision, a company that was effectively born from his work at AVIVA. "At AVIVA we were using a lot of external people to supplement the internal staff," he explains. "As we approached the end of the project and started to reduce that size, a core of five remained. I thought why don’t we stick together and offer these services to other companies."

It was a logical step but I’m not sure that even Syed could have anticipated the company’s success. Disruptive Vision has staff in four countries and a truly global reach. It is currently advising, at a strategy level, on six projects in the UK. But it is in South Africa where the message that Disruptive Vision evangelises has immediately struck a chord.

"Polycom and Microsoft’s regional distributor, Kathea, invited me to Keynote at their Visual Collaboration Summit in South Africa last October," Syed says. "I spoke to around 400 customers and partners during a four day event.

South Africa has appalling network connectivity but it calls for videoconferencing more than other countries because of the spread of the region. The demand is huge but the required network bandwidth isn’t there to support it, yet.

Read the full article in InAVate’s Active Magazine to learn more about Syed’s work at AVIVA and his approach to problem solving when rolling out corporate collaboration deployments.

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