Coca-Cola employs holographic slot machine in promo campaign

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland has used HYPERVSN holographic displays to boost the promotion of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar as part of the #bestcokeever campaign.

To launching the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar flavour, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland and TMI Agency decided to employ HYPERVSN Slots and HYPERVSN Solo L for the #bestcokeever campaign.

3D holographic displays were installed at the Zurich Main Station by the Authorised HYPERVSN Reseller Avantage. When playing the holographic slot machine, people got a chance to win various prizes including a bottle of the new Coke Zero Sugar. 

The campaign lasted for two weeks and extended across 5 shopping malls, 45 sampling locations and 150 in-store activations. In total, over 18k people played the HYPERVSN Slots at the Zurich Main Station and across all the locations, around 150k product samples were handed out.












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