Clevertouch owner Boxlight celebrates display market gains

Boxlight Corporation is celebrating global gains for its interactive flat panel display (IFPD) brands Clevertouch and Mimio after the release of Futuresource Consulting figures.

According to the Futuresource third quarter 2021 report, Clevertouch was the number one IFPD brand in the UK with a 20% market share and in Australia, where it recorded a staggering 41% market share.

Clevertouch partner, Unit DK, has 22% of this year’s IFPD sales in Denmark. In South Africa, Interactive AV Solutions (IAVS) holds the number one position.

In EMEA, Boxlight was named as the second largest provider under its Clevertouch brand for Enterprise collaboration IFPDs.

Worldwide, excluding China, Boxlight is the fifth largest IFPD provider and is now third in EMEA.

Mark Starkey, president at Boxlight, said: “Globally, excluding China, we are approaching 10% market share with our Boxlight brands, which is double the position from two years ago.”

Top image credit: MJgraphics/

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