Clevertouch Gallery opens in London

Clevertouch has unveiled the Clevertouch Gallery, a training gallery for partners and end users.

The gallery provides in-person and virtual meeting spaces, with a boardroom set up, unified comms huddle room, informal meeting space and hot desking facilities for partners and colleagues.

Visitors can also interact with the front signage from mobile devices and can book a meeting with the Clevertouch team via the signage.

Mark Starkey, president, Clevertouch and Boxlight, commented: “These new brand investments we’re launching throughout 2021 is all part of our ambitious growth plans to become the go to brand for Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, Retail and Government technology. Last week we launched Clevertouch Academy our training platform and over the coming weeks, we’re looking to build and introduce more solutions to enable our partners and end users to achieve more and get the most from their Clevertouch Technology. For us it’s all about the user experience and Clevertouch Gallery, the Academy and new website certainly provides this.”

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