Christie projector system overhauls experience at Bogotá Planetarium

The Bogotá Planetarium in Colombia, required a new projection system to replace its aging dome set-up, calling on Christie to supply an integrated system that wows visitors.

Two Christie Griffyn 4K32-RGB pure laser projectors were installed, controlled by Christie Pandoras Box version eight and Christie Mystique camera-based alignment and calibration software. 

The planetarium also harnesses Christie Professional Services for the preventative maintenance of the system. 

Carlos Molina, coordinator, Bogotá Planetarium, explained: “Given that the majority of productions aimed at planetariums come in 4K resolution, we were obviously looking at 4K projectors, but we also wanted an environmentally-friendly solution that didn’t use lamps, that would have a longer-lasting light source and be more energy efficient. And the Griffyn gives us all those things. And on top of that it also gives us brighter colours, better contrast and more powerful brightness (34,000 lumens) to cover our 23-metre (75-foot) dome.”

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