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Lecture capture and streaming technologies are increasing in popularity and deployments sit comfortably within most integrators skill sets. Anna Mitchell explores available technologies and how integrators can enter the market.

As video streaming technologies gain traction in education and corporate spaces, lecture and meeting capture solutions are in increasing demand. Systems companies have to consider the integration of AV components and these platforms more and more.

However, those who take control of lecture and meeting capture, driving adoption and deployment can open up further revenue streams with the right solutions. So what are the available approaches and which technologies are best for your projects?

Lecture capture is a term that covers the recording, storage and dissemination of video content captured during a class, meeting or lecture. Individual solutions vary with hardware and software options, end-to-end packages and numerous levels of complexity such as tools that allow dynamic presentation of both captured video content and presentation sources.

“Knowledge shared in training rooms, classrooms or at events is important and the use of video communication and user generated content is rising at an astronomical rate,” confirms Ray Hassell, vice president of Sonic Foundry.

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