BXB EDC Series

Reviewed by Shrini N. Iyer, Manager,BAAJE LLC, Abu Dhabi. The EDC 1000 series digital conference system from BXB is a cost effective and simple to operate system for over 100 delegates. The range includes a controller, chairman and delegate microphones and flush-mount versions of those as well.

What do you use the EDC series for?

We commonly use the EDC in hotels or other locations where a conference system is required on a daily basis. We sometimes also specify it in corporate facilities and government departments.
It’s best suited for projects where you need quick and reliable set ups and where it will not necessarily be used by people who are experts in congress equipment.

What do you like about it?

We particularly like the ease of set-up of the system. It’s easy to configure for conferences of just four participants or large groups of 60 or more. It’s also really reliable – we never have problems with it during important events.
It’s so easy to install that non-technical personal are able to put to together a basic system with just a couple of hours training from us.
The programming software is relatively straight forward. The system has the capacity to incorporate over 100 microphones without complex additional programming. It’s also fairly simple to integrate it with other systems if required – BXB provide standard RS-232 codes for simple control via an AMX or Crestron media control solution as part of a larger installation.
We are also very satisfied with the response times to queries from BXB and delivery times for the system.

What would you like improved or added?

We would like to see a wireless version of the product in the future. This would make it even easier to set up for temporary use in locations like hotels.
Another improvement would be an increase the amplification power of the controller to make the system more effective in particularly large installations.

In use

We recently supplied six of the units and a system controller to the LE Royal Merdian hotel in Abu Dhabi for its ballroom and meeting facilities. The customer was very happy with the product.

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