Brackets & mounts: flexibility meets strength

When space is tight and budgets are squeezed how can brackets and mounts help you get the most out of an installation. Geny Caloisi reports.

Mounts and brackets manufacturers need to provide versatile, strong and flexible solutions. But, as Rachel Hunt, Unicol marketing director says: “This is not new. Mobile devices in the form of trolleys and stands have been around since the AV industry began. In situations where CRT (the new technology of the time) was a costly commodity it was necessary to make the most of it, so the education and other industries could use one device across many locations.”

However, today we work, learn and share information in a different manner to a decade ago. It’s not just because we carry with us a powerful tool, our mobiles and tablets, which keep us connected all the time; it’s also because we want our link to data to be ubiquitous.

We want instant communications. We want 24/7 visual access to information. The proliferation of screens makes this more achievable. But the way these screens are supported and presented is essential to reap the best benefits out of them.

In this article manufacturers including B-Tech, Chief, Legamaster, Mode-AL, Peerless-AV, SMS, Top-Tech, Unicol and Vogel’s discuss these demands and trends with reference to specific products and applications. Read in InAVate Active Magazine now.

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