Better than the real thing?

The selection of 4K cameras, displays and other hardware is growing. Tim Kridel looks at what AV professionals need to know about using the technology as well as uncovering an early example of 8K in use.

According to many, the Olympics often form a reasonable barometer for the future of video hardware. If the pattern holds then the first broadcast in Ultra HD (UHD) at the London 2012 Olympic Games means we can expect to see 8K resolution displays in high end homes in the early 2020s.

However, before that happens the commercial world is likely to pick up on the technology for a variety of applications. In fact JVC is already deploying near-8K resolution projection for advanced simulation applications.

However, content for UHD is almost non-existent at the moment, and the high cost of the equipment presents a significant barrier to early adoption. For the full picture on these issues, and much more, read the full article as published in the April 2013 edition of InAVate.

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