Barco focuses on the user experience

The user experience and networking trends are dominating Barco’s development activities according to the company’s Richard Marples. Anna Mitchell finds out what this means for AV integrators.

In the last 12 months a perfect storm of well-placed acquisitions and well-received product launches has propelled visualisation specialist Barco into new areas of the AV industry.

Most notably the company snapped up projectiondesign, a Norwegian specialist in 1-chip projection technologies, pushing it into the mid-market projection area.

Before the acquisition the company unveiled its ClickShare collaboration unit, a tool that allows meeting participants to easily connect computers and mobile devices to shared displays.

The product was an instant hit and filled an end user demand that many hadn’t even realised was there and has since been emulated by a number of manufacturers.

One workspace consultant I spoke to described it as “a product so obvious, it’s amazing it hasn’t been created before”.

So what’s next for Barco and what areas and technologies has the company got its sights on for future product developments?

In the full article the company’s strategic planning director, Richard Marples covers the future of projection, collaboration and more. Read now in InAVate Active.

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