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With InAVate EMEA celebrating its 10th birthday this year, Tim Kridel canvasses opinion from distributors, integrators, manufacturers and consultants about what they thought would be the biggest changes in pro AV over the next 10 years?

In the Jan/Feb edition of InAVate magazine Tim Kridel looked ten years into the future with a cross-section of the AV industry. As an online exclusive you can also read some more detailed viewpoints from some of the people he interviewed for the article. 

In this article he hears from Elena Novikova, CEO of Polymedia.

EN: In my opinion the most significant changes will relate to markets’ geography. In place of the US market, which prevailed over the last decade, will come younger and developing ones. Primarily in the foreground will be Asian and Pacific markets, such countries as Latin America, South Africa.

I think that the demand for AV technologies will remain constant at the educational market. But at the same time, AV integrators will expand their range by supplying not only displays and interactive boards, but also equipment from related fields, such as digital lab and robotics. Definitely the share of mobile devices in the educational market will grow, thanks to the increasing popularity of use personal mobile devices in classroom activities. As a result, is possible to assume the growth of and further development of classroom management software. 

I believe that despite the current decline of interest, 3D displays will evolve and will be in demand on the market on par with flexible displays and electronic paper. 

The number of command control and Intelligence centres and surveillance will increase and this will entail the need for software to display any source to any screen. However, now such centres will be geographically distributed and the software will meet the challenges of remote image transmission from different sources.

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