AV fit for world leaders

InAVate looks at how AV was delivered for an event at The Hague in the Netherlands which was attended by 58 world leaders.

The third Nuclear Security Summit, held recently in The Hague in the Netherlands, was attended by 58 world leaders, including US president Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

It is hard to imagine a more important group of people to supply a multimedia conference system for. There are also hardly more urgent discussions than the prevention of nuclear terrorism to ensure every speaker is clearly seen, and every word is perfectly heard.

“[The Ministry of Foreign Affairs] demanded that the system should have good audio quality and translation for 18 languages,” explained Michel Calvelage from Dutch integrator Jacot Audiovisueel.
“[They asked that] it should have a voting system and the discussion system should automatically control cameras so each speaker is shown nicely in a display.”

Jacot Audiovisueel first became involved in the project a year ago when the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs approached the company for some advice. Almost 80 years old, Jacot is well-known to the Dutch government having carried out numerous projects for its Internal Affairs, Finance, Health and Security departments. After initially offering some advice on how to fulfil the needs of an event involving a meeting of world leaders, Jacot was invited to tender last August. The company managed to win the tender by giving a demonstration at its premises showing how it would approach the task.

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