Audio for transport is coming through loud and clear

Installing audio in transportation terminals requires great skill, so what are the challenges to overcome to ensure audio clarity in such a busy public environment?

How many of us when travelling have encountered PA announcements where you couldn’t understand a single word that was being said?

Installing audio in transportation venues must be one of the most difficult, least rewarding, yet vitally important tasks undertaken in the entire AV industry.  Transport venues can be hundreds of years old, and full of narrow corridors awash with reflective surfaces, all factors that work against clear, intelligible sound. 

Access to the site is often limited to unsociable hours in the middle of the night and when the job is completed no one will ever notice the great work you’ve done, unless it fails.  Yet the importance of such projects cannot be understated. 

Consider the (utterly central) role audio could play in evacuating a busy city centre train station on a Monday morning if a fire broke out.  This is not a sector for the 'man in a van', and requires real skill, vision and patience on the part of the integrator.


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