Android muscles in on pro AV

From signage players to video conferencing endpoints, Android is showing up in more pro AV installations. Tim Kridel investigates how Android has a different set of challenges and opportunities compared to iOS.

According to the statistics, Android is doing extremely well across Asia. It boasts over 90 percent market share in countries such as India and China, while also accounting for 72 percent of the market share in South East Asia. These numbers alone show that in Asia if you haven’t had to provide support for Android in a pro AV installation, it is a safe bet that you will have to do so soon.

Many should be familiar with the consumer version of Android found on smartphones and tablets. With the help of dedicated applications these devices can be turned into control panels or video conferencing end points for the pro AV market. Android has also found burgeoning use in embedded devices such as USB dongle computers in its Chromecast iteration.

Looking at Android in the pro AV scene brings about the inevitable comparison with iOS and its influence in similar markets. Integrators and vendors, over the past few years, have worked on adding support for Apple smart devices. Manufacturers too, Savant and its range of control products come to mind, have worked to incorporate iOS and OS X compatibility into their products. The reason behind such moves is the widespread prevalence of Apple products, iPhones and iPads in particular, since their introduction to the market.

Hear from a range of AV vendors including LifeSize, Radvision and Christie as well as integrator Whitlock and Indian digital signage company SpotForge in the full article.

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