Android invades pro AV

From signage players to video conferencing endpoints, Android is showing up in more pro AV installations. Tim Kridel investigates how Android has a different set of challenges and opportunities compared to iOS.

Android has a 70 percent market share in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K., according to a recent Kantar WorldPanel ComTech survey. That adoption is one reason why if you haven’t had to support Android devices in a pro AV installation, it’s a safe bet you will soon.

Android can be grouped into two categories. The first is obvious: smartphones and tablets, which apps turn into control panels and video conferencing endpoints. The second is nascent but growing: embedded devices such as USB dongle/stick computers, including Chromecast.

Each category has different market forces driving those products into the pro AV space, and it’s tough to discuss those forces without looking for comparisons to iOS. For example, integrators and vendors have spent the past few years adding support for iPads and Apple TVs largely because certain people at their clients had good experiences with those products at home and now wanted to duplicate that in the workplace.

For more details on where Android is having an impact as well as the opportunities and challenges that throws up and how integrators can respond read the full article in InAVate Digital.

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