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The International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) is the latest addition to the Warwick University campus in the UK. Pure AV won an OJEU tender to supply the latest collaboration and presentation technology and Chris Fitzsimmons went along to take a look at the results.

The International Institute for Product and Service Innovation is a new building co-funded by the European regional development fund and the University of Warwick. It provides dedicated support to SMEs in the creation and testing of products and services, through the demonstration of new technology, new processes and new applications.

The media fit out of the facility was always going to be central to the task of demonstrating the methods and technologies developed at the university.

Gavin Edwards, manager of digital technology at IIPSI commented: “Part of the design strategy was to say that we want an environment that’s actually exciting from the moment that people come in. It’s interactive, it’s easy to use, but it’s got a bit of a wow factor as well.”

The AV systems also needed to reflect the high standards being employed throughout the building and offer easy, centralised management of the meeting spaces and the equipment. The university also specified wide screen, high definition audio visual facilities that provided impact, convenience, effectiveness, simplicity, visibility and audibility. In addition the brief featured a number of mobile collaboration and presentation systems including Microsoft Samsung SUR40 tables.

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