All or nothing

A project large enough to keep a company busy for a year or more is a rare blessing compared to the stress of trying to continually fill the order books with minor installation jobs.

The acclaim associated with being involved in a prestigious stadium or landmark is also always highly prized by new or growing AV businesses that are trying to win more work in a competitive marketplace.

But despite the large chunk of income and a seemingly guaranteed workload, large projects have been the death of many smaller integration firms. Even among jobs heralded a great success by all involved, it is not uncommon to scratch the surface and find that the feelings and finances of smaller players have been hurt by their lack of preparation. The failure of clients to pay invoices fully and on time, for instance, seems to be extremely common.

So after the initial thrill of landing a big project, what should integrators be aware of as things move ahead?

Roland Hemmings from RH Consulting is well placed to comment. He was brought in to deliver audio across 50 venues at the London Olympics and has also carried out projects at the Millenium Dome and Wembley Stadium over the years.

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