Absen outlines display development priorities

Ashen Chen, head of product management for Europe at Absen, speaks to Anna Mitchell about the emergence of LED displays and where they're headed. He covers decreasing pixel pitches, expanding markets and the dependence on LED component innovation for display development.

In 1999 red, green and blue LEDs started to pour into China. Spurred on by heavy R&D investment from Chinese firms; full colour LED displays started to make headway across a number of applications, recounts Ashen Chen, head of product management for Europe at Absen.

Absen, a Chinese manufacturer of LED displays, was founded in 2001 and immediately wished to position itself as a high quality brand. Despite a fiercely competitive and crowded market Chen believes the company has done just that, citing the company’s popularity in export markets such as Japan and South Korea from early in the company’s history.

So how does it rise above competition?

“Absen has its own independent LED packaging product line, possessing first class automated production equipment and professional management, research and development and production teams,” answers Chen. “We also independently research and develop core LED application products such as LED lamps.”

However, Absen is still dependent on the development of LEDs. Chen says the developments between the components and the displays are inseparable.

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